Copy all of this.

Please put  [email protected] in the TO recipient of the email.

Add this to the Subject line: Retiree Park Card (plus your last name)

Place an X next to one of the three options (first time doing then -New Card Request):

__New Card Request (you have never had a one year card)

__Renewal/Expired Card Request (1 year renewal)

__Replacement Card Request Retiree Name:


Associate ID (if known): ______

Home Address: ______

Telephone Number: ______

Email Address: ______


Please LIST NAMES of individuals who need cards printed below along with cardholder type (retiree, spouse, or child). This list includes the person sending this email. Please note, individuals over the age of 16 will be required to show a form of ID upon entry into the park. Grandchildren are not considered as dependents.


               First Name   Last Name   Cardholder Type (Ex: Retiree, Spouse, Child)   Birth Year

Entry 1: __

Entry 2: __

Entry 3: __

Entry 4: __