Guest Access to the Park

**This form is to be used when requesting guest access to the Park.**

How to use this form:

  1. Copy and paste all information from Section A below into a blank email

  2. Fill out all information, repeating the guest information for each guest you are requesting access

  3. Send email with your information and guest information to

[email protected]

  1. Subject line of the email to read: “Park Access, xx/xx, LAST NAME

    1. Include the date of request

    2. Populate last name of retiree requesting guest access

  2. Once you receive email confirmation print and bring for Park access.

  3. If a Shelter Reservation is needed, fill out the “Shelter Reservation” form, and follow instructions

A – Retiree Information and Guest Information

To: [email protected]

Retiree Name:

Home Mailing Address:

Phone #:

Repeat for each guest:

Last Name:

First Name:

City, State:

Is guest younger than 16?:

Date for Park access:

Current Guest Polices:

Sunday through Thursday

Before 4:00 PM – 2 guests per employee

After 4:00 PM – 2 guests or a family unit per employee

Friday, Saturday & Holidays

Before 4:00 PM – NO GUESTS

After 4:00 PM – 2 guests or a family unit per employee

Office Staff requires two-week handling time when approving State Farm Park passes. This is a two-step approval process. HOME ADSV-SFPARKRESERVE will first approve the request then forward the request to Security for approval. Once you have a confirmation from

[email protected] please bring the email confirmation for Park access.

By sending this request to Ad Services, I acknowledge that the request is for personal purposes and has no affiliation with an organization group. I understand that these guests will be accompanied by myself or a family member during their visit to State Farm Park. I will abide by the Park Reservation Guidelines as outlined in the “Shelter Reservation” document.

Last Updated 3/20/2020